Virtual and Augmented Reality | Real Insights, Informed Actions

Get inside minds for true understanding. Use deep analytics and data visualization to uncover unseen insights that power innovation, productivity, safety, and cost-reduction. EXO Insights is the powerful and versatile research, training and process optimization platform that gives you a competitive edge.

We immerse people in life-sized virtual and augmented reality environments, then capture physical interactions, eye movement and other data that can’t be gathered through observation or interviews.

Our platform’s analytics get you inside minds to understand what participants cannot articulate and may not even be consciously aware of.

We connect these detailed and impartial data points with client data from multiple sources for true insights that are a competitive advantage to power innovation, productivity, safety, and cost-reduction.

Unprecedented Discovery | Deeper Learning


EXO Insights is a powerful and versatile research, training and process optimization platform. We immerse people in life-sized virtual and augmented reality environments, then capture interaction and movement data that can’t be gathered through observation or interviews. EXO Insights provides measurable, provable validation of behaviors, causes and effects that go beyond observation studies or mere simulators to capture multiple inputs and reactions.

We are a team of innovators and sector experts who have spent years working closely with industry leaders to develop the technology that gets you inside minds. Through EXO Insights you can understand what participants cannot articulate. We connect these detailed and impartial data points with client data from multiple sources for true insights that are a competitive advantage to power innovation, productivity, safety, and cost-reduction.

Behaviors Understood | Actionable Intelligence

The EXO SHOPPER platform collects and analyzes behavioral interactions in retail environments leading to deeper, more actionable insights. We create a digitally rendered virtual department, aisle or shelf set, and precise 3-D package designs with all the details of a real store stocked with real products. We put shoppers in this environment where they interact in a natural way, walking the aisle, picking up and turning packages around, and comparing items.

What if you could test multiple designs and a variety of prospective scenarios, then see how customers respond in a realistic context? With EXO Shopper you will get closer to the behavioral triggers that drive awareness, consideration and purchase decisions.

Immersive | Safety and Productivity Skills Training | Certification

We create a digitally rendered virtual work environments that put workers in realistic situations for standards-based training, development of safety procedures and to optimize processes around best practices. EXO Workforce focuses on awareness, focus, behavior, judgement and decision-making, not simple machine operation.

Our platform encompasses tasks in context, placing operators in realistic environments and scenarios so they can interact naturally when dealing with work site conditions, materials, safety practices, processes, standards and sequences, as well as equipment controls. We capture, track, measure, and analyze behaviors and interactions with the ultimate goal of increasing worker safety and productivity to stimulate operational efficiency.

Many work sites are heavily regulated, high stakes environments where operators must make decisions and take action in complex and fast-changing conditions. Mistakes are potentially costly, even deadly. EXO Insights addresses those issues and opens exciting possibilities.

Holistic | High-Resolution Virtual Design Research

We create virtual, high-definition research environments that feature life-size vehicles in natural settings. The EXO Automotive platform is secure and easily replicated across multiple test locations and audiences. We create virtual photorealistic 3D life-size vehicles and put them in any interior or exterior environment. Test an SUV design off-road, a sports car on a race track, or a luxury car at a resort, even a sedan in a local town street — any environment that fits with the brand positioning.

Test subjects interact naturally with your designs. They can walk around the car, squat to inspect a detail, and lean in for a closer look. We capture their visual and physical interactions and behaviors throughout the session for deeper, more actionable insights. Whether evaluating new designs, refreshes, or testing themes, accessories or market acceptability, designers, planners, and brand managers get detailed and reliable feedback at a fraction of the time and cost — dramatically reducing the risk of missing market demand downstream.

Innovation | Experience | Imagination


The EXO Insights team brings together technology and industry experts with a proven track record of transforming promising ideas into companies that bring significant value to businesses. We have worked closely together for nearly a decade to harness the promise of the newest virtual reality technologies for business applications.

Fernando Muniz-Simas is a visionary with a career applying technology to help businesses understand and serve their customers. His engineer’s eye for detail and passion for innovation fueled the expansion of DIL Brands’ services, to include industrial design. His work developing growth opportunities for global brands inspired him to seek better ways to test designs and communications. This quest led to leaving traditional branding work and begin extensive experimentation with virtual and augmented reality, spending the last 8 years perfecting applications in VR and Research of consumer goods, retail, and automotive, and workforce training and optimization.

During the past 7 years, Owen personally designed his Caribbean estate villa dream creation in St. Lucia. Caille Blanc Villa Resort, averages 80% rent rolls each year with continuous marketing worldwide, receiving rave reviews from guests. Owen also created the industrial design for a life changing medical product in the Ostomy field and persevered for a worldwide patent. He partnered with Genairex, who is completing production to market and will distribute our Benson Turtleneck Barrier product worldwide beginning in June 2017.

Jay Rabinowitz transforms visionary ideas into profitable businesses. He has been driven by discovery, imagination, and innovation. That led to a 20-year career creating and managing delivery of high-value, digital services programs for global companies including PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Dun & Bradstreet, Merck, Wyeth, ExpressScripts and others. Prior to EXO Insights, Jay founded Float Your Boat Media, a work-readiness and financial literacy eLearning platform for under-served youth and adults. Watching virtual and augmented reality evolve into dynamic business tools motivated Jay to join EXO Insights, seeing its potential for social and business innovation.


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